Author: Rudy

52nd Street FORUM Update

We have closed down the It’s Just Talk discussion board that the 52nd Street Jazz forum was hosted on (in order to use the forum software for another project, hosted separately), but we will be moving 52nd soon to a permanent home at A&M Corner.  All the old posts will be available, and we likely will merge them into our existing jazz area at A&M Corner in order to continue showing some activity.  (In essence, we may be rebranding the A&M Corner jazz area to 52nd Street.)

Given the newer forum software we use, member-supplied reviews and bloggers are welcome.  We’ll post here again once we have made the change.

We hope to see you back once we’ve moved everything over! Your user accounts will still remain active.

Recent posts

Current posts include a lineup of the 2015 Detroit Jazz Festival, a spotlight on Kevin Eubanks, and a note about the upcoming Anderson Ponty Band recording and tour.  Spinning anything of note?  Visit our Now Playing thread and let us know about it!

Well…we did it!

We’re officially open at http://forum. .  A notice is posted in our forum area with a few notes to get you started.  You should be able to log in with your existing username and password but if not, we have a few notes there to help you along.  See you there!

New 52nd Street in progress (aka “road construction”)

52nd Street is currently “orange barrel city!”  In other words, we have some construction going on.  We are moving between sites, and doing a forum conversion in the coming few days.

The forum is temporarily moved here: .  You may bookmark that URL.  While the forum is eventually going to be hosted on a partner site, this link will always point to the 52nd Street Forum, no matter where it ends up (through the magic of redirects).

Watch for more news here, and some additional redecorating. I just wanted to get the sites moved and in place while we work on things behind the scenes.

Update: I have done a successful test import to vBulletin, which I then will import into XenForo.  Forum avatars (icons) will not make it over, but since they were in an older format and tiny, we can use this opportunity to freshen things up.

We will also broadcast an email from the new forum once it is finished, so we can get participation boosted again.